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Our history

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since 1998

Valle del Laurel, owes its name to the Laurel Stream that flows through our lands and is a source of fresh and clean water, for the concoction of our animals and sustenance of Nature that we share and respect. This is where the native forest and forestry coexist with our day to day, where we work in harmony with our environment, its flora and fauna.

My great passion has been medicine; and within medicine, vascular surgery.

This activity allowed our family to access the part of the field that our Cabin occupies today.

Talking about our path inevitably leads us to talk about one of my personal passions.

I love Biology, I love genetics, animals and I believe in Uruguay itself, as an agricultural country and based on my professional training, close to Biology, Genetics, I have nurtured this second dream: to access to this field and -finally- we were able to fulfill it.

That dream initially focused on general livestock production. But we always had concerns about genetic improvement, production and improvement of the quality of animals and meat, in a clearly exporting country and in that context; we take the path of the cabin, inserted in the general cattle raising project, rearing, etc.

In the last 10 years, more and more information has been sought, to contribute knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies to our project, since neither my wife nor I come from the countryside, although concern for the countryside and its production was always present.

Today we are in the stage of development and of transferring this passion to our children and grandchildren, which we continue to forge with pride and effort.


We are adopting agricultural knowledge through the concepts of the people who make up our team and what it can transfer to us, what the people who live here in Polanco have transmitted to us, but in particular by reading, studying, for analyzing the genetics, for joining the Hereford Breeders Society, where an invaluable collaborator comes from, such as Ing. Agr. Leonel Aguirre.

Beyond being a Hereford inspector who came to qualify our cattle, "Yayo" became a friend and a key bulwark for the development of our business, together with Gonzalo Vargas, our foreman, with his family, with the rest of the team and together with Carlos Sención  an excellent selector and connoisseur of livestock, who was also in the genesis of our cabin and accompanied us for many years.

In short: We have tried to form a kind of “selection”.

My concept is that the people who accompany us have human value, responsibility and magnificent dedication.

Forming this team, with the financial support of medicine. It has allowed us to improve the genetics of our herd and move towards the optimization of the work methodology.

From the natural environment, we went to insemination and today we develop our program of

embryo transplantation and as a developing cabin that we are, this has allowed us

get ahead of time, completing stages quickly.

We have been inspired a lot by very valuable people at the national level and we like to name them

because many of the mothers have incorporated them from state-of-the-art cabins, such as Ganadera

San Salvador, Las Anitas de Alfonso, specimens from Cabaña Las Rosas, also from the

Bonomi family, from Morixe, Ibarburu and Sempril, among others.

It is good to remember an anecdote: our first two bulls were acquired at an auction from Lavalleja Farming: some exceptional Herefords from Sempril and Los Charrúas.

Inspired by these groups, which are so entrenched in Uruguay, we have tried to follow those steps from our small place, contributing a grain of sand in the development of the Hereford breed in the country.

In recent years, we have tried to be present at Hereford's official activities, such as the National Show and other events, where the Breed is represented, as well as in other Shows in the interior, long hills such as Durazno, and the one held by the Sociedad Agropecuaria de Lavalleja, among others.

In these, we have already achieved some prizes and distinctions, which encourage us even more, to continue on the path we have taken.

We have opted for Hereford, because in these fields of Polanco, in the department of Lavalleja, which are generally in the mountains, with difficult fields, with very severe summer droughts, this breed is highly resistant and adaptable to the environment and we are precisely looking for parent production

and mothers, especially bulls, that are animals that adapt to these adverse circumstances

of the nature

We firmly believe in this breed and we will continue to adhere to it. That is why we invite you to follow our genetics, which aims to be representative of the best Uruguayan livestock. The confidence that dozens of breeders have placed in us and in our selection motivates us to move forward and permanently include new technologies.

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